Statutory Company Audit & Assurance Services, Kerry


Audit & Assurance Services, Kerry

An annual audit is a statutory requirement for all limited companies, except for companies meeting certain size criteria under the Irish Companies Acts who have availed of audit exemption and whose filings to the Companies Registration Office are up to date.  Our audit tests ensure that your business is aware of these regulations under current legislation.  Our audit plan is designed to enable us to respond to shareholders and management concerns and to identify risk areas and improve controls.  By doing so, we can identify opportunities to improve profit, optimise cash-flow and assist clients safeguard their business assets.

The primary objective of an audit is to provide assurance that financial statements are free from material mis-statement, whether caused by fraud or error. TOC auditors adopt a risk based approach focusing on key audit risk areas derived from our knowledge and understanding of the entity. An audit is informed by the needs of the client and any areas that require special attention should be brought to our notice at the audit planning stage.

We believe that a successful audit should be about more than satisfying legal requirements.  As registered auditors our aim is to make the process an informative and value added experience.  Our audits, led by experienced professional staff, can provide vital insights into the operation and control of your business.

The basis for effective financial advice is a thorough knowledge of the client’s business, its operations and financial status. An audit carried out by TOC is an independent assessment and provides management with vital insights into the performance & operation of the company. All audit engagements conclude with a report on the strengths and weaknesses of accounting systems and controls. It provides the firm with the tools to continuously improve its financial processes and reassurance to stakeholders that the business is being competently managed and controlled.

Other Assurance Products

Taxation Letters

Confirmation for a third party of the companies tax status, details of outstanding returns, amounts of tax outstanding, etc.

Audit Certificate for Grant Application

Certificate for grant applications confirming that the details contained in the claim are correct.

Confirmation of Turnover letter

Confirmation for a third party, of the turnover of your company or business

Other special assignments

We can also provide assistance with any other assignments or requirements that businesses and companies may have. Assurance engagements entail the carrying out of all necessary due diligence procedures.

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