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Accountancy, Financial Reporting & Performance Analysis, Kerry

Your business can benefit from our experience and expertise.

Many businesses do not have adequate time, resources, or the skills to handle their own accounting requirements and comply with their legal obligations.

We can help you:

  • Handle all of your accounting needs from maintaining your books and records to managing your in-house financial database
  • Advise and assist you on setting up manual or computerised accounting systems
  • Advise you in selecting suitable accounting software from standalone systems to cloud based systems and Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP) such as Sage200 Manufacturing, SAP & Dimac ERP
  • Produce monthly management accounts from your accounting system
  • Advice and assistance in monitoring financial performance and measuring Key Performance Indicators relevant to your business
  • Producing timely and accurate information to support Marketing and Product Development and other innovation processes within the firm
  • Assist you with the preparation and audit of annual Financial Statements on a timely basis
  • Review your book-keeping, financial and internal control procedures and advise on the division of responsibilities between staff members

Performance Analysis:

The availability of accurate and relevant information on a timely basis is a prerequisite for successfully managing a business. We begin by trying to understand your business model, what you are trying to achieve and how you hope to achieve it, what are your target profit margins across different product or service groups. Well ordered businesses have a developed business plan from which cash flow and profit forecasts and capital and revenue budgets can be prepared. These are then used to monitor the progress of the business. These budgets are intended as a guide and variances indicate the variability of actual outcomes when compared to the model parameters defined in the assumptive theory of the business.  Any large variances should be thoroughly investigated to determine if the differences encountered in the real world impacts on the original business model design. At TOC we have a dedicated team of professional staff experienced in managing data in all IT environments who will work with you to unravel the ongoing story hidden in your financial data.

Preparation of Statutory Financial Statements in Ireland:

All limited companies in Ireland are obliged to prepare statutory financial statements, regardless of the requirement to have an annual statutory audit. TOC will assist your company with the preparation of these statutory financial statements and ensure they comply with all relevant accounting standards and the reporting requirements of Irish company law. We also prepare abridged financial statements for filing with the Companies Registration Office and our Company Secretarial Department will help in preparing all relevant documents for board meetings and annual return filing and maintain the company register of members.

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